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Thanks for your interest in joining as a Registered Member of The CBT’ers Club.


Before applying for Membership, please read the About Section to get an idea of what we are about and what we do. Still interested in joining? See details below on how to apply for Membership!


The Club will be of interest to psychotherapists, counsellors, coaches, psychologists and practitioners using CBT with clients and patients (work or volunteering). It is an in-person, face-to-face Club. providing regular networking gatherings, peer support and supervision groups, workshops, CPD, discussion groups, social gatherings and lots more. If you are a practitioner of CBT - trainee or qualified - you are more than welcome to join!

The CBT’ers Club meets on a regular basis - around every 6-8 weeks. We hope to interpolate CPD meetings with social gatherings, support networks, workshops, more 'formal' training, Topic and Discussion Gatherings and Peer Support and Supervision Groups.


Our Topic and Discussion Gatherings, include discussion of a specific theme (e.g. depression), treatment plans, case studies, personal experiences with clients, case studies, video/films, as well as ideas, updates and CBT-related news. These incur 2.5 hours CPD.


The Peer Support and Supervision Groups have 6-8 Members per group. Members confer with one another by reciprocating key topics of their professional everyday lives, with the aim of providing solutions for difficult situations or challenges with clients, colleagues, personal concerns or business matters. See Professional Services Section for more details.


We welcome anyone to join as a Registered Member. Please see the Membership Criteria box to the right.


As a Registered Member, you can expect to be involved in meetings, Topic and Discussion Gatherings, CPD events, be part of the newsletter (if you want), make friends, engage in Peer Support and Supervision Groups, receive support and have fun too! You will have a fantastic opportunity to network, make new contacts, discuss CBT news and developments and be part of a network group that involves people from all parts of Scotland .


Please see the Benefits of Membership box to the right for some of the benefits of becoming a Registered Member.


Examples of Past Meetings, Gatherings and Events include:


  • Working with Clients with Anxiety
  • CBT and Self-Harm
  • The Accreditation Process
  • Challenges and Dilemmas in CBT Practice
  • Working with Depression in CBT
  • Using Psychological Assessment Scales in CBT
  • Eating Disorders and CBT
  • Challenges and Support: Working as an Independent Practitioner
  • General Discussion: CBT
  • Social Event/Lunch Afternoons
  • Peer Support and Supervision Groups

......... and lots more to come!



Anyone from Scotland who is:


  • Over 16 years old;
  • Qualified or trainee practitioner who wholly/partially incorporate CBT into paid work, placement, training or volunteering practice;
  • Members: CBT Psychotherapists, Counsellors; Coaches; Students, Trainees; Psychologists; Mental Health Practitioners; Other;
  • Membership Fee (per year):

Trainees/Students £7.50

(proof of current study required e.g. confirmation of place/acceptance on training course letter)

Qualified/Non-Student £15.00


(Note: a PayPal fee is added to both fees above: 3.4% + 20p)



  • Invitations to events, gatherings, workshops, discounted training (e.g. Topic & Discussion Gatherings, PSSGs);
  • Quarterly Newsletters;
  • Meet with others in Scotland with a professional interest in CBT;
  • CPD Certificates of Participation (great for those looking for CPD);
  • Meet new people, make new friends & have fun;
  • Discounted Room Hire, Clinical Supervision, Tutoring/Academic Services;
  • Gain knowledge & understanding of CBT through shared experiences, topic discussions, case studies, ideas, opinions etc;
  • Opportunity to contribute in other ways (if you want) e.g. newsletter writing; offering talks; organise social/professional events; help increase Membership, venues, suggestions & more!;
  • And many more benefits!


Networking is a great way to practice. Learning

from what others do is a valuable strategy


- Patricia Lotich -

Tobermory, Mull, Scotland

Elgol, Isle of Skye, Scotland

How to Apply

''I like what I’ve read and want to become a Registered Member! ''


So, you want to become a Registered Member of The CBT’ers Club! Great! Here’s what to do:


1. Complete the Membership Application Form on this website (see below) or email us on to request a Membership Application Form.


2. We aim to approve Memberships within 7-14 days. Once provisionally approved, you can then make payment for your Annual Membership Fee (AMF) (see current fees in the box above). The payment link will be provided when we receive your completed Membership Application Form.


3. Your Registered Membership status will be approved upon payment of the Annual Membership Fee. You will be given a Membership Number and a copy of our logo (you can use this on your website, membership lists etc. for as long as you are a Registered Member).


4. You will be added to the Membership Mailing List and receive invites to events, gathering, discounts etc. and a copy of the quarterly Newsletter.


5. You will also receive a Membership Pack at the first gathering/event that you attend (we avoid posting these out via mail to reduce costs).


6. As a Registered Member you will be able to access all of the benefits of Registered Membership listed above (and more) and can get involved in other ways too if you wish. Enjoy being a Member!


7. If you have any questions or need more information, please feel free to get in touch via the Contact Section.


Want to become a Registered Member of The CBT'ers Club? Please complete the Membership Form below and press the Send button after completion.


(PRIVACY DISCLAIMER: collection of information is for the purpose of Membership Registration only. All details remain confidential and will not be disclosed to any third parties).



Qualified CBT Psychotherapist
Qualified Therapist/Practitioner (Other Approach)
Trainee (CBT or Other Approach)
Mental Health Nurse
Other* (please state below)
Assisting with Newsletter
Assisting with Events Planning
Attending Social Gatherings e.g. lunches, coffee club, outings etc.
Offer Other Members Discounts e.g. training, supervision etc.
Retreats/Away Training
Doing a Talk/Presentation/Workshop
Joining Car-Sharing Scheme to Events
Attending Topic and Discussion Gatherings
Attending Peer Support and Supervision Groups
Access to Tutoring/Mentoring/Academic Support (e.g. support with essays, porfolio, academic work etc.) if trainee/student
Other* (please state below)5
Trainee/Student Member: £7.50 per year (plus 3.4% + 20p Paypal Fee)
Qualified/Non-Student: £15.00 per year (plus 3.4% + 20p Paypal Fee)



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