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The CBT’ers Club provides a number of Professional Services to other professionals, trainees and other organisations.


This is not an exhaustive list, however, it includes some of the Professional Services that we can offer.


We can currently provide the following:


  • Membership of The CBT’ers Club. See Membership Section for more information.
  • Topic and Discussion Gatherings (see below). Cost: £15.00 plus Paypal fee.
  • Peer Support and Supervision Group (PSSG) (see below). Cost: £15.00 plus Paypal fee.
  • PEDS Gatherings (see below). Cost: £22.00 plus Paypal fee.
  • Therapy and Support Services. Coming soon.
  • Employee Assistance Service/Programme (please note that a different price structure applies to non self-referral). Coming soon.
  • Consultations (start at £75 per hour, plus travel and expenses, if applicable).
  • Talks and Presentations (these start at £75 per hour, plus travel and expenses - if applicable).
  • Training Courses and Workshops. Start at £65 per delegate (plus travel and expenses, if applicable).
  • Psychotherapy Assessments. Start at £75 per hour (plus travel and expenses, if applicable).
  • Psychology Services (various). We have undergraduate and postgraduate degree training in Psychology and Psychological Research, in addition to professional clinical qualifications in CBT, Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy, Stress Management Therapy etc.
  • Research and Report Writing (POA).
  • Tutoring, Mentoring and Academic Support Services (see here).
  • Clinical Supervision (coming soon).
  • Room Hire (coming soon).
  • Other (please get in touch).


Please see the relevant section on this website for more details about each service.


Please feel free to get in Contact if you are intereted in any of the above services or if there is something else we can assist you with in a professional capacity. We look forward to hearing from you!

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The CBT'ers Club hosts regular Topic and Discussion Gatherings which are all well-attended by our Registered Members.


Topic and Discussion Gatherings constitute 3 hours of CPD and Certificates of Participation are awarded at the end of each gathering.


Topic and Discussion Gatherings include the discussion of a specific topic (e.g. depression, anxiety, accreditation etc), treatment plans, case studies, personal and professional experiences, video/film footage, as well as ideas, updates and other CBT-related news.


Previous Topic and Discussion Gatherings include: Working with Depression; Accreditation; Working with Self-Esteem in CBT Practice; CBT and Self-Harm; Challenges and Dilemmas in CBT; Anxiety and CBT Therapy; Using Psychological Assessment Scales in CBT and lots more! See Events and Gatherings Section for more information about upcoming events!

Topic and Discussion Gatherings

Peer Support and Supervision Group

We are launching a separate Peer Support and Supervision Group (PSSG) in autumn 2016.


Peer Support and Supervision formed part of the Topic and Discussion Gatherings that we have been running since 2013/2014. However, we have found there isn't really enough time to squash peer supervision, support and a topic discussion (and other bits and pieces) into a 2.5 hour slot.


So we are going to separate these and have individual Topic and Discussion Gatherings and Peer Support and Supervision Groups. As with all our events and gatherings, all Registered Members of The CBT'ers Club will receive invites to these as, and when, they are scheduled.


PSSGs will last 3 hours (although this is negotiable in advance) and CPD Certificates of Participation will be awarded at the end of each gathering.


PSSGs provide an effective form of leaderless peer support and supervision and consist of up to 6-8 Members. Please see the table opposite for some of the benefits of PSSGs.


Our PSSGs will be managed by a Facilitator, who is also a Member and who also participates in the peer support and supervision process. The Facilitator’s role is not supervisory but to keep time, ensure everyone who wishes to talk is given the opportunity, to maintain confidentiality, ensure the working agreement/contract is adhered to and other administration/organisational matters. The Facilitator is NOT the Supervisor as the group is focused on peer support and supervision.


The PSSG will work from The PSG Model and includes, for instance: adherence to a working agreement/contract, confidentiality, gate-keeping, boundary management and working with resistance.


All Registered Members of The CBT'ers Club will receive invites to PSSGs as, and when, they are scheduled. If you are interested in becoming a Member of The CBT'ers Club, please see the Membership Section. If you would like more information about PSSGs, please get in touch and we shall email you an information sheet.


Upcoming PSSGs will be posted on the Events and Gatherings Section of this website.

Benefits of PSSGs


  • Meeting to discuss cases & other professional matters;
  • Emotional & self-expression;
  • Chance to receive & offer other perspectives or viewpoints;
  • Problem-solving;
  • Personal & professional reflection;
  • Generating ideas & exploring options;
  • Support with challenges & difficult situations;
  • Improved therapist performance;
  • Developing new practical skills;
  • Sharing knowledge
  • Ongoing consultation & support (especially for difficult cases);
  • Combating professional isolation & potenial burnout inherent in psychotherapy practice;
  • Interpersonal learning from peers;
  • Important networking, marketing & other professional development opportunities;


.... & lots more (as if that isn’t enough!)


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Professional Services

P.E.D.S stands for: Presentation, Experiences, Discussion and Skills. At the request of Members, we will offer P.E.D.S Gatherings a few times each year in addition to our usual gatherings. This ensures that we offer a variety of different meetings, gatherings and events..


P.E.D.S Gatherings will last 3 hours and involve a 30-45 minute presentation (Presentation) on a specific topic/theme (e.g Personality Disorders, Depression, Eating Disorders etc.). The presentation will be followed by sharing our own professional (and personal) experiences of that particular theme/topic (Experiences). This will be followed by a discussion, (Discussion) and some skills-based activities and practice (Skills). CPD Certificates will be issued .

P.E.D.S Gatherings

P.E.D.S Gathering, Glasgow

Social Events

Being a psychotherapist, counsellor, coach, psychologist or practitioner - especially in private practice - can often be a lonely and isolating place, can't it?


You don't see other practitioners often, might not have anyone to discuss ideas with (except in supervision) or you might wish to connect and discuss work-related experiences and information with other people.


Well, it doesn't have to be like that. We aim to have two socials per year (summer and winter) in-between our more formal events and gatherings.


Social gatherings means we can have a wee laugh and some fun too! That's really important! Socials are friendly, informal and fun. They offer time to chat, make new friends and a chance to relax for a while over a lunch or a yummy dinner.


Come along, relax, makes new friends and have a lovely lunch or afternoon tea and some laughs with other Members!

Coffee Club Social. Glasgow, Scotland

Training Workshop, Glasgow, Scotland

Workshops & Courses

We can provide training, courses and educational programmes to the public, professionals and to other organisations. We can also offer training exclusively to your own organsation.


Our training and courses offer professional CPD and certificates of attendance are provided. Training and workshops have been specially developed by mental health professionals and researchers and are evidence-based as far as possible.


Some of the training, courses and educational programmes we can offer include:


  • Understanding Eating Disorders 1: Basics and Beyond
  • Understanding Eating Disorders 2a: Working with Eating Disorders (Clinical) (for therapists, mental health clinicians, counsellors etc.)
  • Understanding Eating Disorders 2b: Helping People with Eating Disorders (Non-Clinical) ( for carers, supporters, family, friends, support workers, teachers etc.)
  • Understanding Eating Disorders 3+ - Advanced
  • Introduction to CBT
  • What is Recovery? - Eating Disorders (2-3 hour workshop)
  • Let's Bust Some Myths! Eating Disorders Myth-Busting Workshop (1-2 hours)
  • Group Work and Facilitation Skills Training
  • Listening and Counselling Skills (tbc)
  • Psychoeducation Groups (various)
  • Suicide Talk (license)
  • Living Life to the Full (license)
  • Managing Stress (tbc)
  • Unstructured and/or semi-structured talks. panal discussions and open forums.


We are currently developing other training and workshops, so watch this space for details or Join Mailing List and receive notifications direct to your inbox!


We are open to suggestions, so if there is a workshop, course or some training you would like us to provide, please Contact us!



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