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Mental Health is Everyone's Business


Sometimes we all need someone to talk to - about both the big and the smaller things in life.


Perhaps you need a listening ear and someone to talk to about life's struggles and stresses. perhaps you experience low mood, depression, anxiety, problems with food/eating, OCD, body dysmorphic disorder, self-harm etc. and/or other emotional and mental health issues. Similarly, perhaps you need support with confidence, self-esteem, relationships, assertiveness, stress and more.


Whatever the case may be, CBT Psychotherapy/CBT Therapy, Integrative Psychotherapy, Counselling, Coaching, Guided Self-Help Therapy, Support Groups and Psycho-educational Groups can provide you with the time and space to think, express yourself, face challenges, make decisions, have someone to talk to and learn and develop tools, techniques and new ways of thinking, feeling and doing that can really help you to change your life in the long-term.


The CBT'ers Club Therapy and Support Service is dedicated to providing a confidential, supportive and professional service to those who would like support from a qualified psychotherapist or counsellor.


The CBT'ers Club Therapy and Support Service is managed by our two partner organisations, Talking EDs (eating disorders specific) and Glasgow Centre of Therapy. See below for more information and to access therapy, counselling, coaching, groups and other forms of support. Thanks!



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